Using the Phone Tool
We pay for these calls by calling you and then patching you through to the person you selected. When calling Senate Committees about nominees, we set the default to the Committee Chair; you can call any Senator(s) that you want.

  1. Fill out the form including your phone number
  2. Choose the Senator you wish to call; have your phone ready because we will call you
  3. Click the Make the Call button
  4. Answer the call and listen to the message
  5. When the Senator’s office answers, give them your name
  6. Read the script or use your own words and tell them why you are calling
  7. Click Hangup when your are done
  8. Enter your call notes in the box below the script (If the office answered, what did they say? If no one answered write, “Left message”
  9. Click the Submit button

Feel free to call as many Senators as you wish.

To call your own Senator (if they are not on the committee)
Choose Senate Switchboard