Additional Actions You Can Take
Do people in your community know that Rep. Tom Price wants to cut Social Security, block grant Medicaid and create vouchers for Medicare? If they don’t, why don’t you write a Letter to the Editor.

Write a Letter to the Editor of Your Local Paper Opposing Tom Price for HHS Secretary

Call your Senators and Tell Them to Vote No on Rep. Tom Price
One of the strongest actions you can take is to make a phone call to your elected official(s). One phone call is worth 10 emails. Phone calls are so important that we will even pay for the call.

Call your Senators and Tell them to Vote No on Tom Price for HHS Secretary

Send an Email to your Senators
Want to tell your Senators why you Oppose Rep. Tom Price as Secretary of Health and Human Services. Use this link and send an email today.

Email your Senators that you Oppose Tom Price!